Tanning Tips


  1. If you are taking any medications, please let one of our tanning consultants know as medications can increase sensitivity to ultraviolet exposure.
  2. Avoid using loofahs or body poufs in the shower or bath. These products increase the natural rate of exfoliation. Remember, tans don't fade, they naturally exfoliate with the skin every 28 days. Lack of moisture and the use of harsh products such as loofahs will increase the cycle.
  3. Remove all makeup before tanning. Most makeup products contain SPFs that are not necessary when tanning in a controlled environment. Some cosmetic products may contain ingredients that will increase your sensitivity to ultraviolet exposure.
  4. If you plan to tan in the nude, cover previously unexposed areas for the majority of the tanning time for the first few visits. Gradually increase exposure to these areas allowing them to catch up to the rest of your tanned body.
  5. More importantly moisturize your skin! The heat and lights from tanning sessions can dry your skin. Moisturized skin tans best; there for Turbo Tan recommends using tanning accelerators before each session and moisturizing after and between all your visits for maximum results.
  6. Protect your lips! They do not produce melanin and will burn easily unless shielded with lip balms or sunscreens. More importantly, protect your eyes! Simply closing them or wearing outdoor sunglasses is not adequate. Possible long-term eye injury can be eliminated by using glasses that are FDA compliant.