Airbrush Tanning Salon
Self tanners made with natural, organic and anti-orange ingredients, a blend of fruit botanicals and natural color complex to deliver a just-off-the-beach-color.

Before Your Session – Preparation is Key!

  • Shower and shave – Now is the time to get that shave in. 24 hours is Better before your session than after!
  • Exfoliate – Use a body scrub to thoroughly exfoliate your skin. Spend extra attention on thick skin areas such as knees elbows and ankles. The better option is the Norvell Exfoliant Scrub available in Salon.
  • Moisturize – If your skin is dry you can use a mild moisturizer 2 hours before your session. The better option would be to apply Prep Gel, available in our stores prior to your session.
  • Do not wear perfume or deodorant to your session as it can cause splotching.
  • Remove all makeup.

After Your Session – Maintain your tan!

  • Wear loose fitting clothing and avoid tight undergarments.
  • Avoid perspiration – this is not the best time to hit the gym!
  • Wear open shoes – Flip flops are perfect.
  • Avoid getting wet – No swimming or playing in the rain!
  • Forbest results wait 24 hours before showering or 4 to 6 hours minimum. Or upgrade to our 1 hour Rapid for and additional
  • In the shower, use your hands to apply body gel. Do not use a
    loofah, sponge or wash cloth.

After your shower, moisturize 2 to 3 times a day. Moisturized skin is going to maintain your tan longer.

The Norvell Auto Revolution HD is Here!


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How to use the Norvell Auto Revolution HD